Improving Project Management with Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking, as it is identified as “zeroing in on conveying the most incentive from a customers’ viewpoint, while eliminating waste and completely using the aptitudes and information on those accomplishing the work”. These are altogether applicable objectives for the present Project Management (PM) and the explanation that undeniably associations are utilizing Lean Thinking to […]

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How to Use Change Management to Improve Six Sigma Results

Overcoming resistance from change requires significant investment and tolerance. Successful entrepreneurs utilize Six Sigma measure improvement procedures to improve quality, lessen errors and increase consumer loyalty. Making changes regularly includes disrupting employee work routines. Successful leaders perceive that improving quality through Six Sigma activities requires clear correspondence. By telling workers their vision, these leaders build […]

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Can We Apply Lean Six Sigma in Service Industry?

Is Lean Six Sigma suitable for service sector? Since this is one of the most frequently asked question in Lean Six Sigma world, I thought of writing an article to clear some of your doubts. Firstly let’s try to understand what service process is. The products coming out of a manufacturing process are tangible which […]

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Implementing and Managing a Lean Six Sigma Culture in the Workplace

Lean Six Sigma has become a business model and a symbol of excellence, with the objective of eliminating waste and reducing defects in the organization’s processes. Throughout the long term, this model has likewise shown huge significance and force in changing organizational culture and worker vision over the progressions which happen inside the organization. Most employees are […]

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Relevance of Lean Six sigma in Covid- 19

The (COVID-19) keeps on disturbing society around the globe, turning out to be a significant wellbeing emergency as well as a major economic crisis. Be that as it may, it’s likewise started a surge in innovations, some of it including the utilization of Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma fundamentally centers on cooperative collaboration that […]

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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

What is Lean? Lean is a very powerful philosophy focused on elimination of waste and maximizing value to customer.  History of Lean goes back to early 20th century. When applying lean concepts, organizations must first identify what its’ customers perceive as value. Then identification of the steps in business processes, elimination of non-value adding activities, […]

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Lean Six Sigma in Economic Crisis Situations

Looking at the impact of the current coronavirus pandemic, we can anticipate another global economic recession in larger magnitude in near future. During struggling economic conditions we have seen many organizations finding it extremely difficult to survive as their profits are shrinking irrespective of the scale and the type of business they operate. In these […]

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