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Black Belt Services Training

The Black Belt Services training is the ideal choice for everyone looking to apply Continuous Improvement within service-related industries, such as finance, healthcare, education, logistics, etc. The Services training will ensure you develop your analytical, leadership and process improvement skills. The content of this training exceeds global ISO18404 and ISO15053 standards and offers everything a future Continuous Improvement specialist will need. Our (Master) Black Belts also provide this training to groups, more info can be found on our In-Company pages.





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Bespoke group training or coaching by our (Master)Black Belts, tailored to your workplace.


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The most complete Black Belt training

What makes Black Belts so effective is their wide array of knowledge about the facets of Lean Six Sigma. During the training, students develop a deep understanding of Continuous Improvement tools and methods, as well as the soft-skills necessary to employ them effectively. Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are experts in turning employee resistance to change into support for further projects. Students acquire everything they need to start using Lean Six Sigma from the very start or join existing projects.

  • Extensive alumni network
  • Various types of training
  • Personal project coach

  • Exclusive MyTraining™ learning platform
  • ISO-certified courses
  • International company presence

Based on student reviews, our courses are rated 4.8/5.0 stars

organizational BENEFITS

Lean Six Sigma for your organization

Black Belts can achieve incredible results. They dedicate their time to Continuous Improvement, involve stakeholders, deliver statistical insights, and resolve root causes permanently. By leading projects that involve and help multiple departments, their projects contribute strongly to organizational goals. Black Belts know exactly which processes to refine in order to achieve the highest cost-benefit ratio. This combination of both hard- and soft-skills, understanding of analytics, and Continuous Improvement expertise is what makes Lean Six Sigma Black Belts so valuable to organizations.

Training variants

Your way of studying


Attend a classroom training session and enjoy interaction with fellow students. Share ideas, learn from group exercises and discuss project ideas with your trainer, even from the first day. Our classrooms are all about interactivity and our practical exercises will help you develop your own Lean insights.



Interactivity and engagement are key for all of our trainings. Together with your fellow students, you will explore various tools and methods such as Push & Pull, Poka Yoke, Kaizen events, 5S and much more. The same quality as our classroom training sessions but from the comfort of your home or office.



If your agenda is often unpredictable, or if you’re simply looking for variety, then attend both classroom and virtual training sessions with our Blended option. Get the best of both worlds, and never worry about being unprepared; all students receive access to our exclusive MyTraining™ platform, which offers videos, literature and complementary courses on the topics of the next training.



About our Black Belt training

The effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts stems from the rare ability to help everyone save time. Time is always in short supply. But by refining processes, creating shared routines and by changing how people deal with hurdles at work, Lean Six Sigma practitioners can save incredible amounts of time. Black Belts learn how to deconstruct and rebuild processes, learn how to involve others in Continuous Improvement and how to improve the working standard for everyone.

Our Black Belt Services training has been designed with students in mind who wish to employ Lean Six Sigma on a full-time basis within larger, enterprise-sized organizations. This training is intended for those who seek future employment in the Continuous Improvement field, and the training content reflects this. Included in the training is a coached project and in total will take approximately 3-4 months. Below we list some of our learning materials which you can pick and choose from to study and prepare for your class sessions.

Below we have listed an overview of our program of our learning materials which you can pick and choose from to study and prepare for your class sessions.

Program overview


To help you prepare, the training includes:

  • An in-depth study manual
  • Up to 45 videos on Lean and Lean Six Sigma
  • 2 digital books focusing on Lean and Lean Six Sigma in Practice
  • Complementary TPC e-learning courses
  • Direct access to MyTraining™

Training Days

Your training sessions include:

  • Duration: 64 Hours
  • Practical simulation(s)
  • Discussion of project challenges and related best practises
  • Peer-to-peer learning and activities
  • Theoretical exam and certification

Your Project

To ensure your project will be a success, the training includes:

  • 1-on-1 project coaching
  • Pre-made project templates
  • Project evaluations and assistance with the first steps
  • 5 tollgate reviews
  • A comprehensive overview of deliverables


Certification entails the following:

  • Two expert reviews of your project
  • Certification ceremony with your Master Black Belt and Manager
  • Official Black Belt certificate
  • Official registration in our database
  • Access to the exclusive Black Belt Alumni LinkedIn-page


Training Days

Your Project


Getting certified

The value of your certificate

Successfully completing one of our trainings is awarded with an internationally recognized certificate. But what exactly determines the worth of a certificate? We explain why a certificate from The Lean Six Sigma Company is of a higher standard than others on the value of your certificate page.

FiNancial details

Return-on-investment (ROI)

ROI for your Organization

Results and cold, hard facts are often the best way to justify a purchase. Our courses are no different, and deliver said results without fail. After having trained thousands of students in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, our findings are as follows: Green Belt projects save €75.000 on average, often from the very first project. And with each project taking approximately 3-6 months, it is even possible to carry out multiple projects a year.

Your ROI?

Let us do the work; find your training ROI and discover the benefits!

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Meet our experts and sample Lean Six Sigma for free during our tasting session.


White Belt

Get to know the basics of Lean Six Sigma in just 3 compact lessons with our free online White Belt training


Lean Six Sigma tasting

Learn how to utilize Lean Six Sigma and which training would be most effective for you. Attend one of our Lean tastings and get all the answers. During the tasting, our (Master) Black Belt trainers will explain the fundamentals of the methodology to you, and how to turn your ideas into results. Let us answer your questions and reveal just how much you could benefit from employing Lean.

  • Bespoke training advice for every student
  • Q&A session about the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Discuss project ideas with other attendees
  • Get to know our trainers
  • Available to everyone

Starting Dates

Starting dates Black Belt Services training



Customer reviews


Frequently asked questions

Can I enroll and join a training without any prior experience or knowledge of Lean Six Sigma?

Every training we provide assumes our students start the training without any understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. It starts with the fundamentals and explains every topic that is mentioned without assuming prior experience. During the training, you will carry out simulations and exercises to help you develop your knowledge. If you choose to carry out a project as part of your training, you will be coached and assisted by one of the (Master) Black Belts of The Lean Six Sigma Company to help you get started.

What is the right training for me?

This depends on your goals and what you intend to achieve. If you would prefer to employ Lean Six Sigma on a part-time basis, for example alongside of other work, the Green Belt training would be the best choice. If it’s your aim to work with Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma on a full-time basis, then the Black Belt training would be the right pick. The same applies to Lean and our Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader training, respectively.

Is a Lean Six Sigma training relevant to my career phase?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that one can start using during any career phase and this training is the ideal starting point. Even as a beginner, your work can add tremendous value. Lean Six Sigma can serve as an addition to your current work, replacing a part of your existing responsibilities. Or it can become a new full-time career, depending on the training you choose.


I find statistics a daunting topic, is a Lean Six Sigma training still for me?

Our training has been designed to start at the very basics on the assumption that our students aren’t familiar with any of the subjects. We realize the idea of working with statistics can sound somewhat intimidating, but rest assured, our trainers have helped thousands of students understand (and find their interest in) statistics. Additionally, we offer several videos on our MyTraining™ platform that will help you prepare for, or repeat, specific exercises

Do you offer training in other languages?

More information about our worldwide presence can be found on our theleansixsigmacompany worldmap page, here you will find in which countries we are currently active and offer training.

How does the Black Belt Services training differ from the Black Belt Manufacturing training?

The Services training is most fitting for those employed in transactional careers such as general administration, logistics, finance, etc. The ‘Manufacturing’ training is most fitting for those involved with mass production, machinery, factories and automation). While the Of course, those who complete the Manufacturing training can still carry out projects in the aforementioned transactional fields.

Want more information?

Perhaps you’re still doubting about which training is the right choice for you, or whether you should choose Lean or Lean Six Sigma. Let us help you with all your questions, in this way, you can always make the right choice. Our friendly helpdesk would love to hear from you

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