Sponsor and Champion

Sponsor and Champion training for those in top management who are responsible for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma

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    Responsible for budget and success

    Is Lean Six Sigma is being implemented in your organization and are you responsible for the success and the budget? Then you would probably want to know what you can achieve with Lean Six Sigma, what you can expect from your employees and which goals you can set.

    Champions are the directors and executives responsible for the competitiveness and growth of the organization. Lean Six Sigma is the way to remain competitive and can be fully effective if top management supports it. This takes time and attention. The Champion at General Electric was former CEO Jack Welch himself.

    The Sponsor is the process owner. A manager responsible for the quality and cost of a product or product group. Lean Six Sigma professionals carry out improvement projects on behalf of the Sponsor. In turn, the Sponsor ensures that everyone involved has the time and money to implement the Lean Six Sigma projects without any obstacles.

    Check out the implementation page for more information about Lean Six Sigma in your organization.

    The sponsor and champion training

    During this course you will learn which organizational problems you can solve with Lean Six Sigma. You will learn which investments of time and money are needed in terms in order to achieve success and we will share our experience in the implementation of the methods. After this course you will be able to start shaping your implementation.

    Sponsor and Champion

    For those who are responsible for the investment and the success

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    Practical information

    The Champion and Sponsor training course is an in-company course. It is a customized course taught by our most senior Master Black Belts. Champions and Sponsors can sit together in the group, so that they can immediately make arrangements about the implementation and the follow-up steps. The training is an interactive workshop/kick-off for the implementation process and is best scheduled before the first Lean Six Sigma course.

    The course will take 4 to 8 hours, depending on the group size, the type of organization and the extent of the implementation. The course is suitable for anyone in management who manages budgets and is responsible for daily management. Usually the group consists of one champion, multiple sponsors and someone from HR.

    Deel 1 - Wat is Lean Six Sigma?

    Uitleg over de achtergrond van Lean Six Sigma. 

    Deel 2 - Wat kunt u verwachten van uw investering in Lean Six Sigma?

    We delen onze ervaringen over de doelen die u kunt bereiken met Lean Six Sigma. Wat kost het om een implementatie door te voeren? Hoeveel professionals moeten er getraind worden? Hoe houdt u de implementatie in leven? 

    Deel 3 - Wat kunt u doen om een succes te maken van de implementatie?

    U leert drempels wegnemen, de juiste prikkels in te richten en u leert om het traject te faciliteiten als (top)manager. 

    De training wordt alleen in-company georganiseerd. Neem contact met ons op voor vragen over de training.

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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Lean Six Sigma is mainly known as a project-based improvement structure, but Lean Six Sigma is broader than that. Lean Six Sigma consists of an unwavering philosophy, an organization, an improvement structure AND tools. From this perspective, Lean Six Sigma is the answer to a number of business issues, such as competitiveness, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organization is unique. Therefore, there is no implementation blueprint for any organization. Together with you The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organization.

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