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Here you will find all different Lean courses we offer, in-company as well as open registration.

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    Lean courses overview

    We offer several different Lean courses. Which one suits you best will depend on the role you have or aspire within your working environment.

    The Lean Thinking course is an awareness course which is only provided as an in-company course. This 2-day course explains the basics of Lean Thinking and which improvement methods and tools can be applied.

    If your ambition is to continuously improve processes within your company using Lean methods and tools, the Lean Practitioner course would be a very suitable course. You will learn how to apply Lean principles and Lean improvement methods. This Lean course takes 3 days and focusses on the practical application of Lean. This course can be follow up with the  Lean Leader course.

    The Lean Leader course is especially suited for those who are or aim to be the driving force behind Lean initiatives and implementation. The Lean Leader course will focus on Lean management topics such as the 14 Management principles of Toyota. Duration of the course is 5 classroom days (unless you have completed the Lean Practitioner course in which the course can be completed in two days as you are exempt from the first three course days).


    This essentially depends on your experience and past (course) education on the one hand and your ambition on the other. If you start with the 3-day Lean Practitioner course, you will learn  the essential Lean improvement methods and tools techniques. After completing this course  you will be capable of developing and executing improvement initiatives.

    It is also possible to opt for the 5-day Lean Leader course straight away. In addition to the Lean Practitioner subject matter, 2 days of Lean Management content are part of the course. Lean Management subject matter focuses on the philosophy and organisational structure behind process improvement using Lean methods and tools.

    Lean Courses

    Here you will find an overview of the different Lean courses

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    Different types of Lean courses

    The focus of the Lean Thinking, Lean practitioner and Lean Leader courses is on executing improvement initiatives, like Kaizen-events, Value Stream Map sessions and facilitating stand-ups. Flow and the 7 types of waste are focal points.


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    Lean Six Sigma in your company

    Although Lean Six Sigma is best known as a project-based improvement structure, it is much broader than that. Lean Six Sigma is an established philosophy, an organisational and improvement structure as well as a set of tools. Using this perspective Lean Six Sigma addresses organisational issues with respect to competitiveness, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. 

    Depending on your ambition, Lean Six Sigma can be implemented in phases. Every organisation is unique, without a common blueprint that universally applies. Together with you, The Lean Six Sigma Company will develop a plan of action tailored to your organisation.

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