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Why an online course?

We offer these online courses both as a supplement to our classroom courses, allowing students an in-depth and comprehensive preparation for specific components of the classroom training, and as stand-alone modules for individuals that are interested in a specific Lean Six Sigma subject and would love to learn more.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Additionally, e-learning offers a solution to the problems of time and logistics that many modern professionals face these days. While our classroom courses are designed to impart a great amount of knowledge, skills and experience in as short as possible a time, we recognize that not everyone has the time and resources to participate. E-learning can be done anywhere and anytime, provided that you have a stable internet connection, and can be done in bite-sized chunks.

Online Lean Six Sigma Courses

An overview of our online Lean Six Sigma Courses

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The learning objectives of these courses are based on the ISO 18404 and 13053 competency standards, using the revised taxonomy of educational objectives.  This is to ensure that the course content corresponds with international standards, and that the level quality is on par with what one would expect of courses offered by an internationally certified institute of Lean Six Sigma education.

Learning Aids

The learning aids found in our e-learning courses include training videos recorded by industry expert tutors, text summaries, case studies, practical examples, visuals such as infographics, downloadable templates for practical use and quizzes to stimulate retention of knowledge. When selecting our learning aids, we take into account the diverse learning styles according to Kolb’s theory of learning styles, and try to match them with our learning objectives for optimal transfer of knowledge.

The Lean Six Sigma Starterpack

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Discover the secrets of world-class companies and learn how to look at the world with different eyes. At the end of this journey you will think in terms of processes, quality and efficiency, and will be ready to tackle any challenge on your path.

Distinguish yourself from the rest, and make your work environment into a beacon of productivity.

The Productivity Company

Our online courses are developed together with The Productivity Company, our e-learning sister company, and are hosted on their digital learning platform.

If you’d like to enroll in one of our digital courses, please keep in mind that you will have to log in on, and that all transactions and communication regarding the digital courses should take place with The Productivity Company.